Bully Algorithm in C

Bully Algorithm The bully algorithm is a method in distributed computing for dynamically electing a coordinator by process ID number. The process with the highest process ID number is selected as the coordinator. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22… Read More »

Simple Chat Application using Java Socket programming

A socket is an endpoint for communication between two machines. Before starting to code for chat application using socket, it is very necessary to know the basics of how socket programming works. The figure given below sheds some light on the basics of socket programming that anyone needs to understand. socket() – create a new socket for… Read More »

How to make a pendrive bootable in Linux Mint

It’s very easy to make a bootable pendrive in Windows. We can use unetbootin, or rufus to make a pendrive bootable. Ubuntu comes with pre-installed start-up disk creator application through which a pendrive can be made bootable, but when it comes to Linux mint we have no pre-installed software to do our job. In this… Read More »

Source code Syntax Highlighter for Blogger

The Idea behind writing this post came when me and my team were conducting a workshop called “Blogathon” in our college to motivate sophomores and juniors to get into the world of blogging. While conducting the workshop one of the group asked us about “code highlighting / syntax highlighting in a post related to programming… Read More »

Synchronizing Project in Eclipse through SVN

Me and my some friends were working on a project using Eclipse. At the end of the day we wanted to integrate our work. But it took a lot of time as each member had to remember what changes he made in the project. Then we thought why not to upload it on sourceforge.net and start synchronizing… Read More »


Hi friends, Recently me and my friends (Umesh and Chaitanya) have installed lex and flex on many machines (15-20 approx.) due to our University practicals. So I would like to share my youtube video “Introduction to Lex/Flex and yacc” Here you can see the installation steps to flex/Lex and yacc 1.This video was made on… Read More »

Setup your own cloud

We all know that there is a hype for cloud computing all around the world. Companies ranging from small scale to large scale are adopting Cloud Computing Technology. So I thought why not to give a try to setup my own cloud. I tried to set up my own cloud and was very excited after… Read More »

Installing Devstack on Linux

To install Devstack on Any Linux Version you need to follow below mention steps.  1) update Linux.        To update Linux you need to execute below command in terminal. $ sudo apt-get update Note : above command is only for Debian based Linux flavours you can Alter this command as per your Linux flavor 2)… Read More »

Installing Hadoop 2.6.0 in Ubuntu or Linux Mint

This post is about Installing Hadoop 2.6.0 in Linux and this method works with any version of Hadoop 2.x.xTo download or view the installation steps of hadoop Single node and Mulitnode Setup please click here. Before Installing hadoop there are some prerequisite that we must have with us 1) Java As we know that hadoop… Read More »