Hadoop 2.x Map Reduce Plugin for Eclipse

By | August 8, 2015


After a long search , I finally found Hadoop 2.x Map Reduce Plugin for Eclipse. These Plugins were created by my professor. In this post I will explain you how to use this Plugin for Eclipse and how to configure Eclipse to code MapReduce.

First of all you need to Download these plugins form here. Now extract this plugin and place it in Plugins folder in your Eclipse installation directory. As shown below.

Eclipse Root Folder

Eclipse Root Folder

Now start your eclipse. if your eclipse was already running then you need to restart it. After restarting change your perspective to Map Reduce. To change perspective go to window>>open perspective>>other>>select Map/Reduce.

Now you are ready to use Eclipse for Map Reduce development.

Happy Coding!

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Note : above plugin is complied for Java 1.5+ and Hadoop 2.2+

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