Monthly Archives: August 2015

Transfer file using java socket

After lots of Study I prepared a code which can transfer file using java socket programming which can be executed on two different machines and this code can transfer any kind of file via java socket. I have also written code in most simple and easy way which can be understand by beginner in java.… Read More »

Hadoop 2.x Map Reduce Plugin for Eclipse

After a long search , I finally found Hadoop 2.x Map Reduce Plugin for Eclipse. These Plugins were created by my professor. In this post I will explain you how to use this Plugin for Eclipse and how to configure Eclipse to code MapReduce. First of all you need to Download these plugins form here.… Read More »

Hadoop Map Reduce Tutorials for Beginners

Hi friends, We all know that there is a recent buzz of Hadoop in the market. According to Gartner report hadoop may bring 4.5 million jobs in the coming years. After reading all this, I thought why not to create a tutorial on hadoop, Therefore I started a series of post on related to… Read More »