How To UnBlock Websites if your College / Institute Blocked it

By | June 30, 2015
In this article i am going to show you how to unblock websites if your college or institute blocked it by using firewall.In last year i was in college hostel our college blocked the access to sites like facebook,twitter,youtube.Blocking the access to various social websites and internet services has been most common tactic which is followed by organizations and educational institutes like schools and colleges. i followed the following way to unblock the sites take a look.
Step I:  Open your network and Sharing center.Step II: Select ‘Internet Options‘ which is at bottom left corner.

Step III:  Now go to Connections and click On Add vpn.

Step IV:   Now Go to then go to PPTP and copy any server#   
               address among the list.

Step V:    Paste that Server address in ‘Internet Address’.

Step VI:   Give any destination name you want click on Next

Step VII:  Then copy the username and Password which is also available

Step VIII: Click on Connect and you are done you have successfully unblocked
and now you can go to your browser and surf freely without any

One thought on “How To UnBlock Websites if your College / Institute Blocked it

  1.'Carson Hall

    I can’t believe some countries block youtube! When traveling I signed up for arcvpn and now I can access youtube again from those countries which block access.


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