Three Easiest Ways to Download Youtube Videos on Ubuntu / Linux Mint

By | April 30, 2015
We all love spending time on Youtube and there are times when we a like a video  so much that we want to download it on our computer. Youtube doesn’t allow us to download any videos officially. Hence we need third party software to do our job. It’s easy on windows as there are many softwares available to download youtube videos but what about Linux, don’t get worried linux lovers there are many youtube downloaders available for Linux Mint / Ubuntu. I have used many of such downloaders and I can guarantee you from my personal experience that you won’t get disappointed.
                       Below are the software that can be used to download the youtube videos. Each of the software is best on its own and provides a different experience. Some can be used directly form the terminal and some have graphical user interface. I am recommending three softwares:-

1) Minitube

I am currently using this software to download youtube videos. Minitube provides its own user interface to surf and download the videos.

  How to download Minitube

  •  To download Minitube open your terminal and type the given below command                                                                                                                                                                                                                  $ sudo apt-get install minitube

2)  flareget download manager

flareget download manager is for Linux like IDM (Internet Download Manager) is for windows. It’s a download Manager with additional facility of downloading youtube videos. It has a “youtube grabber plugin” which when integrated with chrome or firefox, lets you download the video right from the youtube page directly.

How to install Flareget Download Manager

  •   Click here to Download the Flareget’s latest version  
  •   Download the debian package for your distro
  •   Navigate to the directory where the file is downloaded, In my case it’s Downloads folder 
  •   Install the debian package by entering the following command into the terminal                                                                                                                                                                                                           sudo dpkg -i  name_of_the_downloaded_file.deb                                                                                                                  


3) youtube-dl

Some of us are very fond of Terminal and always prefer Terminal over GUI. youtube-dl provides the facility to download the video from the terminal itself, all you need is the link of the video which you want to download.

How to install youtube-dl

                 $ sudo apt-get install youtube-dl

To download any youtube video you just copy the url and type the following command

                                              youtube-dl paste_the_link_here

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