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JAVA Project : Network Packet Analyzer Tool

Copyright © 2014  Project Developed By: Rahul Deshmane     Atharva Rajurkar Prateek Bhalerao    Ronit Gawali What Is Packet Analyzer A packet analyzer (also known as a network analyzer, protocol analyzer or packet sniffer, or for particular types of networks, an Ethernet sniffer or wireless sniffer) is a computer program or a piece of computer hardware that can intercept and log traffic passing over a digital network or part of… Read More »

Computer Networks: ViVa Question’s

1. Define Network? A network is a set of devices connected by physical media links. A network is recursively is a connection of two or more nodes by a physical link or two or more networks connected by one or more nodes. 2. What is a Link? At the lowest level, a network can consist… Read More »

SDTL Write Ups

     1.Write a JAVA program to implement Polymorphism (Method overloading, Method overriding, Constructor overloading) to calculate area of circle, area of rectangle and area of cylinder. (3 individual programs). 2.Write a JAVA program to implement multiple inheritances using Interface. 3.Write an applet program to illustrate event handling. 4.Write a JAVA program to access database… Read More »

What Is Network Intrusion Detection System (NIDS)

Security is a major concern in every aspect of our daily life. New methods and equipment have been devised to ensure privacy. However, computer networks still face many threats. There are usually three stages to achieving security in computer system networks: prevention, detection and correction. Prevention is preferable to detection and correction, but it is… Read More »